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Release: 2013
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Instans - Understatement CD

There has been two and a half years of silence. Now Instans are about to return. Instans began in late 2005. Having worked together on several other projectsbefore, Ulf Lundblad and Fredrik Djurfeldt decided a new standard was neededfor hard electronic music. With this fairly ambitious goal in mind they set outto record their first album 'Common Ground', released by Advoxya Records lessthan a year later. A number of live shows across Europe were soon to follow, as well as an EP in 2010.

The years that have passed have allowed for some development, wherethe sound has evolved into something darker and even more sinister than their earlierworks. Expect a full scale comeback in the months to follow.
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1.Yes Future No Control.
2.Carry My Name V.1.1.
3.Painfully Normal.
4.After A While.
5.He Said Rain.
6.27 Hours.
7.Tell Me To Go Away.
8.See You Dead.
9.Wasting Time