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Instant Music

"Instant Music"


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Release: April 2018
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Instant Music - Instant Music LP

Instant is the trio of Bernd Schöll (Bass, Vocals, Rhythm), Mike Hauer (Guitar, Synth, Percussion), and Marion Siekmann (Vocals) from Munich, Germany. They formed in 1980 after meeting through mutual friends attending the local art and graphic design school. The trio were dissatisfied with their surrounding musical environment. Inspired by the Velvet Underground, Kraftwerk, and Giorgio Moroder, they set out to create their own brand of Neue Deutsche Welle fusing Dada, disco, and Krautrock.

Over the course of 2 ...
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Label:Dark Entries
1.My Boy
2.Do Not
4.Everybodys Gotta Mutate
6.Optimate Minimum