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"Beyond Humanity"


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Release: 2006
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Interface - Beyond Humanity CD

New York's Interface combines elements of darker EBM, trance, and industrial, all with a melodic, emotional edge. These tracks will grab you, hook you and make you dance! Imagine Funker Vogt, Kraftwerk, Assemblage 23 and all rolled into one. Plus, with remixes by Combichrist, Stromkern, Assemblage 23, Imperative Reaction and (well known trance DJ) Sean Tyas, how can you go wrong?
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InfraRot item number:2009.466
Label:Nilaihah Records
Label's catalogue number:nr028
2.Age Of Computers
3.Mind Killer
6.Stranger In A Strange Land
7.Beyond Human
9.Nobody's Hero
10.Faith In Nothing
11.Age Of Computers (Cross Platform Mix By Assemblage 23)
12.Wasted Time (Stromkern Mix)
13.Faith In Nothing (Combichrist Mix)
14.Age Of Computers (Data Corruption Mix By Imperative Reaction)
15.Clear Night (Sean Tyas Melodic Intervention Remix)
16.Doubts And Fears