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Invisible Sky

"Invisible Sky (Limited Edition)"


Release: 2016
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Invisible Sky - Invisible Sky (Limited Edition) CD

File under: Electro. Invisible Sky consists of Gabriela Aström, leadsinger of Swedish electropop-act ME THE TIGER and Jean-Marc Lederman, mostly known for being the instrumental part in THE WEATHERMEN and Kid Montana, but also as half of GHOST AND WRITER (with Frank Spinath of Seabound…)Gabriella is a young woman from Sweden. Like a flower from the Northern forests, fighting for its survival through the concrete, she is longing for the sun on her skin and embrace in new adventures. When Gabriella was a little child, she already new that she wanted to be a singer. She started to write songs and play music and she never stopped since then. What can be said of Jean-Marc Lederman? The cultish Belgian music composer has played with some iconic names (Fad Gadget, The The...) and composed for French rockstar Alain Bashung. He has also penned some movie-soundtracks and quite a few videogames, accentuating his taste for pictur-esque music that let your brain connect the dots in your quest for adventurous musical landscapes. His neverending search for voices that make your brain go curious has led him under the Northern skies where he found Bella in a forest far away, near the Pole. Together, they create immersive electro pop music with a difference. You are the observer and lover of their talents intertwining in the night, like waves that would go from radio antennas to transmitter poles lost in the Arctic...
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1.Breathe In
2.Didn’T I Tell You
3.Can You Hear Me?
4.Will You Wait ?