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"The Methuseleh Tree"


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Release: 2013
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Ivardensphere - The Methuseleh Tree CD

After a number of re-releases of earlier works, the outstanding Canadian act iVardenspehere, the tribal trance electro outfit headed by Scott Fox, presents finally an all new studio album!

‘The Methuselah Tree’ offers crushing beats and trance elements that blend with traditional drums to create a cinematic work of art. The album opener, the dramatic “Mother of Crows”, sets the tone, as world music elements build over medieval tones and operatic vocals. Throughout the song, the ominous, ever-present percussion builds, as does the tension. Segueing into the atmospheric glitches and pulsing electronics of “Bloodline”, the versatility of iVardensphere becomes readily apparent. The hand drums and traditional tribal elements are still ever present, as is signature with iVardensphere. Featuring vocals and contributions from Jamie Blacker (ESA), Twilla of Booming Tree Taiko, Assemblage 23, Aesthetic Perfection & Legend, ‘The Methuselah Tree’ shows the growth of one of the most exciting acts in the genre!
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1.Mother Of Crows
3.The Doorway
4.A Black Sun On The Horzion (Invocation)
5.Break The Sky
7.The Impossible Box
8.Observing Bartok (Stamping Dance)
9.Society Of Dogs
11.Second Sleep
13.The Methuselah Tree