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Jack Or Jive




Release: 2011
Status: Sold out
Jack Or Jive - Tenshou CD

6 panel, silver embossed super deluxe Digibook, strictly limited to 500 copies!

It's amazing, how a project / band that has been around since 1989 (!) is not able to follow the FUNDAMENTAL rules of a (collapsing...) music industry. There's NO description whatsoever for this album! Zero - Nothing!

Anyway: The packaging is really outstanding and if you likes Jack or Jive's pervious albums, then you surely love this one! Founded in 1989, this Japanese band only has two members, Chako and Makoto Hattori. They've been married since 1992. While Makoto remains mostly behind the scenes handling technical aspects of the music, Chako is a visual spectacle of wild or spikey hair, flowing priestess gowns, strange talismans and heavy, morbidly styled makeup.
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InfraRot item number:2010.363
Label's catalogue number:cyn048
1.The Girls From Shiraume
2.Be Selfless
4.Cherry Blossoms
5.Kokorobito 2
6.The Last Day
7.Blue Landscape