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Japanische Kampfhörspiele

"The Golden Anthropocene"


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Release: 2016
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Japanische Kampfhörspiele - The Golden Anthropocene CD

Different Bonustracks on CD and LP. Guestvocals: Junge of EA80 and Christian Markwald of DIAROE. FFO: Marduk, Extrabreit, Jean Ziegler Saying that the new record from the inventors of hyper punk (Michael Zuckle) was the german 9/11 is complete nonsense, of course, and therefore should not be repeated again. Instead, here are the 4 most fucked-up facts regarding the new album by JAPANISCHE KAMPFHÖRSPIELE: "The Golden Anthropocene" is the first album in the band's 18-year history with an english title. Will this result in the eagerly awaited international breakthrough? We sure don't hope so. Yin Yang JAKA? Not at all! While the JAKA-style always meant distilling something out of many wrongs, recorded in passing and corrected - if at all - on the way to development, yet mostly simply kept in its original form, this new album has been meticulously planned, thought through and recorded in a proper (!) studio. Mixing was carried out by star producer Carsten Benninghoff on - no shit! - a garbage dump. Mastering by legendary Tim Schuldt in the world famous 4CN-studios in Bochum. The album features a total of 20 tracks, amongst others several short-term prose like on "Luxusvernichtung". At least here JAKA stick to their origins. Some of the lyrics are controversial, since accessible to right and left and green and red. This also is basically business as usual.
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3.Planeten Planieren
6.Posthumane Weltregierung
8.Der Untergrund
9.Folter Und Gezieltes T™Ten
10.Pimmel Kneten
13.Burnout Ausgesessen
14.Absolution In Spe
15.Der Durchschnittsmensch
18.Tag 1 Nach Den Menschen
19.Aus Dem Mark Der Nebenniere 2016
20.Verpasst (Bonustrack Cd)