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"A Complicated Genoicide"


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Release: January 2021
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j:Dead - A Complicated Genoicide CD

"A Complicated Genocide", the first album from J:dead (Jay Taylor) is an exploration through modern Synth/Electro-Pop with influcences taken from the 80's to the here and now. Expect a combination of emotion led vocals, dark synth vibes and stand-out melodies to keep you moving. The album tells the tale of our own struggles of becoming who we wish to be, and the challenges we face along the way. After the successful release of the single „Feeding On Me“ with an outstanding video we present you this 15 song studio album incl. remixes by Grendel, Tactical Sekt & ES23. The physical CD holds 4 (!) Bonustracks compared to the digital release!
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1.Feeding On Me
3.Safe Ground
5.Fade In/fade Out
6.A Complicated Genocide
7.A Thousand Adventures
8.Out Of My Mind
9.Hair Like Fire
12.Feeding On Me (Grendel Remix)
13.Feeding On Me (Tactical Sekt Remix)
14.A Complicated Genocide (Es23 Remix)
15.A Complicated Genocide (Ft. Auger)