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"Vision Of Time (Limited Edition)"


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Release: February 2022
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j:Dead - Vision Of Time (Limited Edition) CD

J:dead is the solo project from Jay Taylor created in 2019. After the first release of their song HAUNT J:dead were signed to Infacted Recordings and released 2 further singles (Feeding on me and A complicated genocide - single) as well as a full length feature album ( A complicated genocide - album).

J:dead is whatever it needs to be: without labels, stereotypes, scene driven boxes or goals other than to inspire others. J:dead’s ambition is to make others feel alive by listening and feeling the creation of someone losing themselves. Influences are taken from a range of decades and musical styles to create something unique and new within its own setting.

J:dead provides emotional and lyric driven tracks with a dark synthpop yet aggressive vibe.

After the success of the releases from the first album, various remixes and collaborations: J:dead is back in quick succession with their new mini album - Vision of time, released in early 2022 with their first single of this EP - I’ll wait, out on Dec 17th 2021.
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1.I’Ll Wait
3.Hold Tight
5.Evil In A Bottle
6.A Little Time
7.I’Ll Wait (Teknovore Remix)
8.I’Ll Wait (Lights Of Euphoria Remix)
9.Afraid (Nature If Wires Remix)
10.Hold Tight (Rotersand Remix)
11.Hold Tight (The Saint Paul Remix)
12.Hold Tight (Station Echo Remix)
13.Whole (Life Cried Remix)