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Jean-Luc Lenoir

"Old Celtic And Nordic Ballads"

CD + Book

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Release: 2013
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Jean-Luc Lenoir - Old Celtic And Nordic Ballads CD + Book

This book-CD (both in English & French) is an invitation to travel in the world of Celtic and northern legends, superbly illustrated by Arthur Rackham, the famous English drawer and specialist in the Fairy universes. Discover Ballads and traditional dances,from Scotland, Ireland, Sweden or Norway. They evoke the sylphs of Air, gnomes of the Earth, dragons' fire and the siren living in deep waters...

The composer Jean-Luc LENOIR and his musicians plays Lute, Lyre, Crwth, Dulcimer, Flutes, Hurdy-gurdy with wheel, Cello, Nyckelharpa ... These traditional instruments are accompanied by the beautiful voice of reknown Scottich female singer Joanne McIVER in Gaelic, Scottish, Breton or Norwegian. Listen to these ancestral tales extracted from very old books that JRR Tolkien must have read certainly. The 32 pages book presents Rackam's illustrations, lyrics and an introduction to each.
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1.Air Du Sylphe
2.The Elfin Knight
3.The Lost Elf
4.Liti Kjersti Og Elvekjongen
5.The Lilting Banshee
6.A Fairy's Love Song
7.King Of The Fairies
8.Sjugur Og Trollbrura - Trollspolska
9.­Bin, Ban, Korriganan
10.Sir Eglamore The Dragon Jig
11.Solfager Og Ormekongen
12.Ausi Comme Unicorne Sui
13.Silkie - The Tempest
14.The Mermaid's Croon
15.Näckens Polska - Näckspolska
16.Two Magicians
17.Witchery Fate Song