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Jeremy Inkel



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Release: December 2020
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Jeremy Inkel - Hijacker LP

Jeremy Inkel’s debut as a solo artist comes to us nearly three years after his untimely passing. The multi-talented producer was a veritable machine, simultaneously juggling his roles in Front Line Assembly and Left Spine Down, while also making significant contributions to Delerium and Noise Unit. He was a touring warhorse in some of these bands, spending time on the road with Ministry and Skinny Puppy, and he shined in the studio, co-writing killer FLA songs and always adding his youthful, brilliant energy.

But the album he always wanted to make is Hijacker.

Hijacker celebrates Jeremy’s life. It’s ...
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2.House Party On Day 2
3.Robot Bitches
4.Haunted House
8.I Don't Need Your Money