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Jesus And The Gurus

"Blood, Sweat And Tears"


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Release: 2009
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Jesus And The Gurus - Blood, Sweat And Tears CD

"We are the Band from the Chocolate Land, we are the pride of Switzerland". These truthful words let us think of an egocentrical band. And thats what Jesus and the Gurus make us believe with their cd "Blood, Sweat and Tears". Jesus and the Gurus bring a new musical direction to their fans. Harder, louder, even more cynical and aggressive. A mixture of industrial, metal and harsh-electro melt to a storm of noise, a machinery of apocalypse. Also known as sound, their songs are the weapons of mankind. Jesus and the Gurus are as ironical and cynical as never before. The result of this statement is to be heard in their lyrics. They still speak of all the themes unspoken. Jesus and the Gurus never capitulate.
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Label:Black Rain
Label's catalogue number:BR 056
1.Jesus Marsch
2.We Will Love You
3.Pädo Pedro (Tyske Ludder Cover Version)
6.You And Me
7.Kill Em All
8.The Pride Of Switzerland
9.Gib Mir Kraft
10.China, China