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Jimi Tenor

"NY, Hel, Barca"


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Release: March 2020
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Jimi Tenor - NY, Hel, Barca 2LP

Finnish composer and multi-instrumentalist Jimi Tenor has joined Bureau B to release this retrospective compilation spanning the years 1994–2001. The double CD and LP features early works and selected tracks from his first six albums, long since deleted. In spite of the experimental nature and free form of these early recordings, Tenor’s instinctive grasp of pop appeal, his spontaneity and whimsical sense of humour are clearly in evidence. On the back of a game-changing performance at Love Parade in Berlin, Jimi Tenor scored his first hit with "Take Me Baby", entering the charts and signing a deal with the seminal electronic label Warp Records. The 3 Warp albums – "Intervision" (1997), "Organism" (1999) and "Out of Nowhere" (2000) – were touchstones in the electronic club music scene of the period. Effortlessly blending jazz, synthesizer sounds, Afrobeats and drum machine dubs, Jimi Tenor created a distinctive sound which he himself rewired and renewed. Not that his compositions were overly academic, on the contrary – they often resembled free-flowing, sporadic sketches, with an infectiously irrepressible touch of the absurd. The 20 tracks on "NY, Hel, Barca" document key stages of Jimi Tenor’s remarkable creative path, underlining the prolific and varied nature of his artistic output. Then as now, he shines like a satellite hovering over the European pop landscape.
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Label:Bureau B
1.Xinotepe Heat
3.Take Me Baby
4.Fantom (The Wandering Ghost)
6.Year Of The Apocalypse
11.A Daughter Of The Snow
12.Shore Hotel
14.Backbone Of The Night (Feat. Riga Symphony Orchestra)
15.My Mind
16.Natural Cosmic Relief
19.Theme Sax
20.Outta Space