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JK Flesh x Surgeon

"Nothing Is Free"


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Release: 2016
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JK Flesh x Surgeon - Nothing Is Free MLP

12inch from last year's digital release!

Crushing collision of Brummie industrial institutions: Justin K Broadrick vs Regis’ Downwards, with a fearsome Surgeon remix.

Black country overlord Justin K Broadrick (Jesu, Godflesh) blesses Regis’ Downwards fiefdom with two tracks and a tightly sprung rework by Surgeon.

Downwards have really picked the foulest iterations of a grim set for vinyl release, inscribing the industrial-strength torque of Nothing Is Free - which sounds like early Kode 9 battered by Shapednoise - at 45rpm across the front face, and branding the knuckling 808 snares and distended electro bass blow out of Kontorted on its backside.

Surgeon’s remix of the title tune ranks among his best in many years. Trace elements of the original are extruded thru modular kit and remodelled on a bouncing, swerving techno chassis recalling BMB and CUB classics, but streaked with sirens and vamped by a marching brass refrain that’s just spoiling for war.
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1.Nothing Is Free
2.Nothing Is Free