InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann
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Release: 2017
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Jochen Arbeit/Günter Schickert/Schneider TM - ASS LP + CD

Günter Schickert, Jochen Arbeit and Dirk Dresselhaus (aka SchneiderTM) are 3 renowned Berlin guitarists. They epitomize 3 generations of experimental music-ians: Schickert personifies the Krautrock of the 1970s, Arbeit 1980s post-punk and SchneiderTM the neo-electronica of the late 1990s 2000s period. Their artist approaches may differ on account of their diverse musical backgrounds, yet what they do have in common is a fundamental interest in developing the guitar as a sound object, seeking out unusual structures and harmonies. They now present the results of their explorations and ideas on a joint album.The end product is very much more than just the sum of its parts, due not only to the participants' different musical philosophies, but also through the use of instruments not usually associated with this type of music (e.g. balafon, conch, mbira, electronic drums, modular system). Their joint album concocts a kind of musical magic from a myriad of influences (Krautrock, psychedelic, free jazz, punk, industrial, techno, minimal-electronic and so forth) yet simul-taneously transcends them to create a new form of music.
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