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John Foxx & Harold Budd

"Translucense/Drift Music"


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Release: 2015
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John Foxx & Harold Budd - Translucense/Drift Music 2CD

"Translucence / Drift Music is one of the greatest ambient albums ever made." FACT MAGA-ZINE "Beautifully played and produced." THE WIRE "These albums are blissfully abstract - Budd's simple piano chords hanging high and reverberating like night cloud flanking empty skyscrapers." UNCUT "A succession of tranquil, Eno-esque essays. The music keeps to the ethereal channel which Budd has been effectively ploughing for three decades and into whose delicate wake Foxx seamlessly slips." MOJO The luminous piano playing of Translucence and the stunning extended reverbs of Drift Music (both originally released in 2003) form a double CD with new artwork by John Foxx. The music has an intelligence, purity and reserve but it's also sensual and dream-like, a feeling that is stretched even further by the gorgeous Drift Music.
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2.Spoken Roses
3.Momentary Architecture
5.Long Light
6.A Change In The Weather
7.Here And Now
8.Almost Overlooked
11.Missing Person
12.You Again
13.Sunlit Silhouette
14.The Other Room
15.Some Way Through All The Cities
16.Stepping Sideways
17.A Delicate Romance
19.Curtains Blowing
20.Weather Patterns
21.Coming Into Focus
22.After All This Time
23.Someone Almost There
24.Resonant Frequency
25.Avenue Of Trees 1
26.Underwater Flowers