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John Shirley

"Broken Mirror Glass. The Anthology 1978-2012"



Release: 2013
Status: Sold out
John Shirley - Broken Mirror Glass. The Anthology 1978-2012 2CDR

The double album ‘Broken Mirror Glass. The Anthology 1978 – 2012’ includes 30 songs – in chronological order - from more than three decades of musical work by singer, songwriter and cyberpunk author John Shirley (‘A Song Called Youth’). Beginning with the early heady punk rock (‘Johnny Paranoid’) he performed with his band the SADO-NATION and fascinating spoken word experiments (‘No Apologies To Kafka’) to driving, industrial-rock-dressed anthems (‘Mountain Of Skullz’, ‘Hope There's A Hell’) and progressive song tracts (‘Box In My Head’, ‘Andrea's Art School Fun’) spans an arc from the most demanding, most reflective musicality, both entertaining and artistic.

And above all thrones John ...
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Label:Black October Rec.
1.Johnny Paranoid (Live)
2.Condominium Nightmare (Live)
3.I Am Electricity
5.There’S An Ocean Between Us
6.If You Drop The Bomb, Drop It While I’M Dancing
7.Party Now, Pay Later
8.No Apologies To Kafka
9.The Thing That Lives In Washington
10.Red Star
11.Look But Don’T Touch
12.Mountain Of Skullz
13.You’Re The Reason
14.Still Walking Around
15.Hope There’S A Hell
16.Essence (Remaster)
17.Longing (Remaster)
18.Box In My Head
19.When Irony Rules The Land
20.Andrea’S Art School Fun
21.I’Ll Take My Shade In The Pain
22.You Deserve Me
23.Broken Mirror Glass
24.Our Love Is Like A Death Camp (Live)
25.He’S Got His Guitar (Live)
26.If God Is Dead I Want His Job (Live)
27.Never Saw You (Demo)
28.Invisible Hands (Demo)
29.Sonic Fingers (2012 Redux-Version)
30.Heart So Black (2012 Demo)