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Release: July 2019
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Joy Disaster - Æternum CD

A recording silence that lasted a few years and was interrupted only in 2018 with the excellent "Resurrection" and now, at close range from the last album, another new work. Joy Disaster, just like "resurrected" last year, seems to have rediscovered the desire, the passion and the right formula to continue their musical course. On "Æternum" the band allows themselves a few moments of breathing in favor of calmer and more introspective songs. “Temple of Gods" or "Dealer of Life", among the most compact and direct tracks of "Æternum", highlight a group with a heart torn by post-punk and a soul sold to the devil. Fifteen years of songs, concerts, (a lot!), and the boys became men, leaving behind forever any sin of youth and embodying at best their potential. Here’s (finally) an album on which Joy Disaster can afford to play everything they want and feel inside, without worrying about de- Finitions such as purely post-punk, vaguely metal, rock-inspired seventies, blatantly indie-rock. In France they say: chapeau! (from Ascension Magazine) Since 2005, JOY/DISASTER has been creating a powerful, melodic and modern post-punk that combines innovative arrangements, letting powerful guitars interact with a melodic and textural voice.
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1.Temple Of Gods
2.Cradle Of Denial
4.Dealer Of Life
8.This Morning