InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann

Joy Division



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Release: 2007
Status: Ready to be shipped in 3-4 weeks
Joy Division - Still 2CD

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1.Exercise One (2007 Re-mastered)
2.Ice Age (2007 Re-mastered)
3.The Sound Of Music (2007 Re-mastered)
4.Glass (2007 Re-mastered)
5.The Only Mistake (2007 Re-mastered)
6.Walked In Line (2007 Re-mastered)
7.The Kill (2007 Re-mastered)
8.Something Must Break (2007 Re-mastered)
9.Dead Souls (2007 Re-mastered)
10.Sister Ray (At The Moonlight Club, London April 1980) [Live]
11.Ceremony (Live At The Moonlight Club, London April 1980) [Live]
12.Shadowplay (2007 Re-mastered Album Version)
13.A Means To An End (At Birmingham University) [Live]
14.Passover (At Birmingham University) (2007 Re-mastered) [Live]
15.New Dawn Fades (At Birmingham University) (2007 Re-mastered) [Live]
16.Transmission (At Birmingham University) (2007 Re-mastered) [Live]
17.Disorder (At Birmingham University) (2007 Re-mastered) [Live]
18.Isolation (At Birmingham University) (2007 Re-mastered) [Live]
19.Decades (At Birmingham University) (2007 Re-mastered) [Live]
20.Digital (At Birmingham University) (2007 Re-mastered) [Live]
21.Sound Of Music (High Wycombe Town Hall '79) [Live]
22.A Means To An End (High Wycombe Town Hall '79) [Live]
23.Colony (High Wycombe Town Hall '79) [Live]
24.Twenty Four Hours (High Wycombe Town Hall '79) [Live]
25.Isolation (High Wycombe Town Hall '79) [Live]
26.Love Will Tear Us Apart (High Wycombe Town Hall '79) [Live]
27.Disorder (High Wycombe Town Hall '79) [Live]
28.Atrocity Exhibition (High Wycombe Town Hall '79) [Live]
29.Isolation (High Wycombe Town Hall '79) (Sound Check) [Live]
30.The Eternal (High Wycombe Town Hall '79) (Sound Check) [Live]
31.Ice Age (High Wycombe Town Hall '79) (Sound Check) [Live]
32.Disorder (High Wycombe Town Hall '79) (Sound Check) [Live]
33.Sound Of Music (High Wycombe Town Hall '79) (Sound Check) [Live]
34.A Means To An End (High Wycombe Town Hall '79) (Sound Check) [Live]