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"Distort Neural Unit"


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Release: 2009
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K-Bereit - Distort Neural Unit CD

Coming in a CD eco wallet packaging! Electro-Industrial ... Done the French way!

K-Bereit from Lille, France, are no newcomers to the music world, especially not to the world of Industrial & Electronic Body Music (EBM).

In the late Eighties, Dominique Lallement started out with the band, Kriegsbereit, but already in the Nineties, Dominique was on the move again. As founding member of the now legendary Cobalt 60 alongside Jean-Luc De Meyer of Front 242, they went on to release numerous records and even soundtracks for the popular video games, "Command & Conquer: Red Alert & Wing" Commander: Prophecy.

After years of silence, Dominique was finally ready to join forces with his life-long friend Fred Sebastian to form the hybrid, K-Bereit. A unique and powerful blend of the Kriegsbereit and Cobalt 60 sounds.

This new full-length, 17 track album contains guest appearances by members of Dolls of Pain, Punish Yourself, SA42 and Autodafeh. It also includes 4 guest tracks by Psychosomatic & Under All.
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Label:Sigsaly Transmission Media
Label's catalogue number:SIGCD003
2.4 L1v3
3.Whatever My Come
5.Virus K
6.If Only...
8.Use Your Strap-on!
9.Mutilation (Two+zero+zero+eight)
11.Race Against Time
13.Psychosomatik: H5N1 + Ground Zero
14.Under All: My Kiss & Whip Me