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Release: 2013
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Kaibun - Illogism CD

Illogism is the debut album of Belgian duo Kaibun, who are Laurent Delogne (who is also known as Le Moderniste) and Marie Hubart. Their objection is to create a project with an uninhibited approach at Industrial music, a musical hybridization influenced by several styles of electronic music such as Minimal and Dub Techno, Electro and Rhythm’n’Noise.

Expect 16 intensely rhythmic tracks ...
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1.101 Reasons For Accepting The Binary Monster
2.Brazen Loop
3.Dragging Out The Drugs
5.Gotta Get Into Hard Clipping
6.Who Killed The Taketoomuch Man
7.Wave Is Toying With Us
8.The Evolution Of Operators Manual
9.This Is Peyotl
10.Experiencing Illogism
11.Smiling Sucks
12.Late Night Se*
13.I Have Heard A Lot About Stress
14.Reinventing Addiction
15.Misuse Ain't Nothing
16.Lessons In Sniffing