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Release: July 2022
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Kanka + Bodewell - Herzblut CD

Two legends on one project! Martin Bodewell (Orange Sector) and Uwe Kanka (Armageddon. Dildos) are : Kanka + Bodewell, a unique project by two true legends of the former Zoth Ommog / EBM movement. Created in 2013 by „accidentally“ meeting at the Zoth Ommog Festival in Frankfurt (Germany) they decoded to produce some songs together, one day… Funny brandnames like Armageddon Sector or Orange Dildos were created but luckily never saw the light of day. The fans were the main force for them to start this project lifting them up throughout the years. „Herzblut“ is the result of these ideas with music written & produced by Martin and texts and vocals created by Uwe. But don’t. Expect any wonton EBM songs. „Herzblut“ is a mixture of dark synth pop with melodic EBM and German vocals on top. You could best trademark them as a fusion of Depeche Mode meets Die Toten Hosen with a lot of electronics. We don’t know if this is a one off collaboration, this is basically up to you, the fans. They are ready!
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1.Wilde Herzen
2.Universal Love
4.Bleib Nicht Stehen
6.Bonus Track: Wilde Herzen (Demo Version)