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Kant Kino

"Kopfkino (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2017
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Kant Kino - Kopfkino (Limited Edition) 2CD

With their debut album “we are Kant Kino - you are not” released in 2010, the Norwegian duo took everyone by surprise and got elected to be the best EBM discovery of the year by many. Three years later, their “father worked in industry” CD reinforced their position with an even more matured production style brilliantly mixing stomping beats and melodic synths. Don’t we say that “all good things come in threes”? Well, KANT KINO definitely confirm this saying by offering us “Kopfkino” the 3rd installment signed by this epic EBM franchise. Our favourite Norwegian electro-ministers are about to set another solid footprint on the Electronic Body Music scene repertoire with this powerful full length album. More than ever, KANT KINO manage here to intelligently combine ripping basslines, fast hammering electro beats with more melodic synth arrangements and catchy vocal lines. A challenging sonic approach reminding us of how broad the spectrum of influences of the band members Lars and Kenneth can be. Strongly rooted in the early EBM style with allusions to FRONT 242 and other NITZER EBB, the album also features harder and darker songs with angry shouts placing them closer to bands like SKINNY PUPPY and HOCICO! Their acute sense for melody and the use of moody female guest vocals on a couple of songs nicely place them next to bands like ICON OF COIL, LEAETHER STRIP or yet APOPTYGMA BERZERK.

KANT KINO have always written ...
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Label:Alfa Matrix
1.Kant Kino V3.0
6.Köbner Phenomenon
11.Step Up
14.Nag Gag (Slower)
15.Nag Gag (Quieter)
16.Life (Kk-Work)
17.Brains (Kk-Work)
18.Third Down (Kk-Work)
19.Wasted (Kk-Work)
20.Sino (Kk-Rework. Kant Kino Vs. Epilektrician)
21.Silhouettes (Kk-Rework / Kant Kino Vs. Elektro Ferret)
22.Life (Matt Echo Remix)
23.Köebner (Atropine Remix)
24.Wasted (The Messenger Got Wasted Remix By A-E)
25.Maybe (Technomancer Remix)
26.Step Up (Simon Carter Remix)
27.Third Down (Electro Ferret Remix)
28.Wasted (Lurendrei Remix)
29.Nag Gag (Antibody Remix