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Karjalan Sissit

"Misere (10th Anniversary Edition)"


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Karjalan Sissit - Misere (10th Anniversary Edition) LP

Gatefold Cover with Poster plus 2 exklusive Bonustracks in a limited edition of 300 copies in black vinyl. Originally released as a limited digipak CD on Cold Meat Industry in August 2002, 'Misere' is a real masterpiece of neo-classical music!

Brought up in the degenerated town of Eskilstuna in Sweden, Markus Pesonen's Finnish roots here are ridiculously obvious. Society freak-out and bitterness - hate, humour and disintegration really have established themselves as Finnish essentials. Believe it or not, musically this stuck-up monster promptly jerks itself down in between In Slaughter Natives and Sophia.

Well, this may not be too strange as Peter Pettersson is the producer of this cacophony, and also involved in the songstructures. More uptempo than Sophia and less infernal than In Slaughter Natives, the screeching choirs and the Karjala-connected heartbeat drums pushes the listener in sharing authentic despair and frustration. Classical musicsamples here are surprisingly upfront, teasing your taste buds. Grandeur, abandon all ye hopes, for here lies a history revealed.
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InfraRot item number:2008.454
Label:Eternal Soul
Label's catalogue number:ES 04L
1.Pig Society
3.Inner Pain
4.Den Bittra Mannen
5.Dagen Da Fingrarna Gick Av I Fabriken
7.Discipline Now
8.She Was A Whore Anyways
9.Symphony II: Finlandia Messe
10.Bullet In The Head (Only On Vinyl)
11.Litany (Only On Vinyl)