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Karl Bartos

"Life (2016) (Limited 7")"


Release: 2016
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Karl Bartos - Life (2016) (Limited 7

Advance vinyl 7” single, announcing the re-release of Karl Bartos’ “Communication” album. A classically trained percussionist and keyboard player, Karl Bartos was a key member of Kraftwerk's classic line-up between 1975 and 1990 – "the second from the left". As you would expect from the man responsible for co-writing Kraftwerk masterpieces such as ‘The Model’, ‘The Robots’, ‘Numbers’ or ‘Pocket Calculator’ - which have gone on to shape the Current musical world as we know it, electronic or otherwise – the album “Communication” – often referred to as the artist’s “Lost Album” - contains plenty of melody-driven numbers that operate in a dual universe of pop and electronica. Or, perhaps more accurately, one in which both are one and the same. A record that embodies change in both a personal and wider context.

Thirteen years down the line, ...
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