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Kentin Jivek

"No Age"


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Release: 2017
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Kentin Jivek - No Age CD

Style: Dark Folk

Kentin Jivek is a French songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentist of dark folk and psychedelic folk Songs that looks back on already 7 self-released albums and that collaborated with countless people in the Folk scene, incl. Miro Snejdr (Mr. Lounge Corps/DEATH IN JUNE). The lyrics are expressed in the 3 languages: French, English and Spanish. In some of his French written songs the affiliation to Léo Ferré is stressed out by the minimalist structure of music and by the vocals. In other songs, the influences of Current 93 or Dead Can Dance are remarkable.

From 2008 to 2009, Jivek has been performing in concerts, within various configurations, and in many European countries and ‚No Age‘ is the culmination of years spent on stage and in the studio and represents an impressive debut for this gifted musician!
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Label:Manic Depression
1.A Song To Ease The Pain
2.I Make You A Lover
3.Dope On Your Chest
4.Never Ending Love
6.Inside You
7.Nuit De Deux Jours
8.Tourne Page
11.I Wish I Had Killed You
12.Fiesta De Los Muertos