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"Emergent Properties (Limited Edition)"


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Release: November 2023
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kETvECTOR - Emergent Properties (Limited Edition) Box

Special limited Edition of 99 copies only, HAND-PAINTED box (each copy is unique!) by the artist Matilde Giudicelli This Box-Edition includes the regular Album on exclusive PURPLE Marbled Vinyl plus the EXCLUSIVE Bonus-CD “Input/Output”, featuring a medley [approx. 25 minutes] of 4 unre- leased b-sides. The Box also contains a big sized booklet with informations and images about the concept of this album
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1.A1 An Offspring Universe
2.A2 Abiogenesis
3.A3 The Epiphenomenon
4.A4 Spontaneous Order
5.B1 Beyond The Anthropic Principle
6.B2 Emergence
7.B3 Scale Dependence
8.B4 Iterative Causation