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"Emergent Properties (Limited White Vinyl)"


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Release: November 2023
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kETvECTOR - Emergent Properties (Limited White Vinyl) LP

Limited Edition of strictly 300 copies on WHITE Vinyl! The all new album from Ketvector, brainchild of drummer and producer Justin Bennett (Skinny Puppy, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Banhtier, Askew) is a bold exploration into a speculative multiverse, filled with psychedelic electronica, acid jazz, ambient soundtracks, theoretical cos- mology and much more. "Emergent Properties" is a collection of voyages ,woven together by an otherworldly and meditative concept that will transport you into abstract aural paradises and rich musical tape- stries - evolved from analog synths, instruments, samples and entangled rhythmic constructions. Accompanying Justin on this journey across eternity are his long time musical partners Stefano Rossello and Filippo Corradin (Bahntier, Motion Kapture). Another seminal release from Rustblade Records, absolutely not to be missed!
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1.A1 An Offspring Universe
2.A2 Abiogenesis
3.A3 The Epiphenomenon
4.A4 Spontaneous Order
5.B1 Beyond The Anthropic Principle
6.B2 Emergence
7.B3 Scale Dependence
8.B4 Iterative Causation