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King of Asgard



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Release: 2017
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King of Asgard - :taudr: CD

As experienced metal blacksmiths Karl Beckman and Jonas Albrektsson have given their band time to re-focus after line-up changes and quitting their old label. Now they are back with new-found power, firm conviction and a great work which contains some surprises.The quartet from Mjölby enriches their already distinct style on :taudr: with specific nuances from Nordic black metal, while at the same time staying true to its roots.Thus the unmistakable influences from Bathory and Isengard are joined by epic melodies in the vain of Moonsorrow, Kampfar or Myrkgrav as well as some traces of folk music. Once again Beckman’s melodies give KING OF ASGARD their distinct sound – a quality which already made Mithotyn stand out from hundreds of Swedish bands two decades ago.However, there’s a so far unsung power of expression with guitarist Ted Sjulmark adding his voice to the choir arrangements, especially impressive on »Death… And A New Sun«. And indeed, :taudr: contains arrangements which grab attention, like a hurdy-gurdy in the introduction of the just mentioned hymn.The path taken on this release leaves the comfort of one’s home behind and leads into the wild of nature which easily surmounts us humans… and finally leads into the ill-omened shadow of :taudr:
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1.The Curse And The Wanderer
2.Death And A New Sun
4....for The Fury Of The Norse
5.Upon Raging Waves (Mithotyn Cover)