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Kirlian Camera & Stalingrad

"Live in London (Limited Edition)"



Release: April 2019
Status: Sold out
Kirlian Camera & Stalingrad - Live in London (Limited Edition) CD

Originally released by Angelo Bergamini’s own label UNITED GLADIATORS INC. in 2003, this amazing Live-Album in excellent sound quality, features 3 tracks by STALINGRAD (the material/industrial side-project of Kirlian Camera) and 8 by KIRLIAN CAMERA – recorded directly from mixing desk on May 17th 2003, at the Slimelight, London (UK). A good amount of these CDs were ‘lost’ at Kirlian Camera headquarters, and have been traced by chance of recent.
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InfraRot item number:9953.148
1.Stalingrad – Slavonija [7:07]
2.Stalingrad - I Stood Beside Your Mothers [3:08]
3.Stalingrad - Rytsari Vremeni [5:21]
4.Kirlian Camera - The Unreachable One [ 4:21]
5.Kirlian Camera - Drifting V.3 [4:02]
6.Kirlian Camera - News V.2001 [4:01]
7.Kirlian Camera - Absentee-S [4:00]
8.Kirlian Camera - In The Endless Rain (Acoustic) [4:03]
9.Kirlian Camera - Blue Room V.2002 [5:37]
10.Kirlian Camera - Erinnerung V.4 [8:38]
11.Kirlian Camera - Eclipse V.4E [6:43