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Kirlian Camera

"Cold Pills (Scarlet Gate of Toxic Daybreak) (Limited Artbook)"


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Release: 2021-05-14
Status: New release in 22 days
Kirlian Camera - Cold Pills (Scarlet Gate of Toxic Daybreak) (Limited Artbook) 3CD

- 3CD artbook (hardcover, 28x28cm, 48 pages) with enhanced artwork and 5 studio bonus tracks (1000 copies available)

With "Cold Pills (Scarlet Gate ...
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1.The Illusory Guest
2.Cold Pills
3.I Became Alice
4.Not True
5.Crystal Morn
6.Lobotomine 5
7.Randonists And Sleepers
8.The 8Th President
10.Dusk Religion
12.Phoenix Aliena
14.Blue Drug
15.Lux Industries
16.Twin Pills)
17.Musica Sperimentata (Uncultivated Quotations For Orchestra, Voices And Electroni
18.Concrete Illusions
19.Regressive Hypnosis
20.Grey Drug
21.Cutting Days Off