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Kirlian Camera

"Invisible Front. 2005 (Limited Turquoise Vinyl)"


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Release: 2020-10-23
Status: New release in 23 days
Kirlian Camera - Invisible Front. 2005 (Limited Turquoise Vinyl) 2LP

- Gatefold 2LP (180g, turquoise vinyl), incl. printed innersleeve and protection sleeve (200 copies available)

"For 'Invisible Front' we became ...
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1.Mission Diary 1
3.Nefertiti One
4.Dead Zone In The Sky (Vintage Solution Mix)
5.The Immaterial Children
6.The Path Of Flowers
7.K-Space-Y 1
8.Kobna Dob (The Sinister Season)
9.A Woman's Dreams
10.K-Space-Y 2
11.Recorded Memory
12.Days To Come (Vinyl Bonus Track)