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"Don't take the light away / Remember me (Limited Red Vinyl)"


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Release: 2023-12-08
Status: New release in 7 days
Kite - Don't take the light away / Remember me (Limited Red Vinyl) Single/7

Since founding Swedish synthpop duo KITE in 2008, singer Nicklas Stenemo and keyboardist Ch ristian Hutchinson Berg's brooding fusion of cinematic electronics and anthemic pop has steadily elevated into a spectacle of passion, atmosphere, and communion. Their debut double - A vinyl single for Dais Records , Don't take the light away / Remember me captures K ITE at their most urgent, thrilling and apocalyptic. "Don't take the light away" is a song about "the war between energies," with singer Stenemo's wounded croon leading a rising tide of stabbing strings, pulsing percussion, and looming bass orchestrated by keyboardist Hutchinson Berg, surging to a mass - cha nted chorus both desperate and triumphant (" dance, let them dance into me / people versus people can't see / hands should be holding hands "). "Remember me" was written following the band's 2017 US tour, capturing the intense feelings of burnout and exhaust ion. "Remember me, Won't you remember me, Promise you'll remember me." Words only tell half of the story; smoke spills across the stage, and the melodies become a battle cry. Our worst fears eventually boil over, turning into hope and resilience. Like the best of KITE's music, "Don't take the light away" and "Remember me" fuse theater and catharsis into anthems of universal yearning, born of "the struggle to keep a flickering candle lit in a very dark space."
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Label:Dais Records
1.Don't Take The Light Away
2.Remember Me