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"Deklacked Vol. 1 (Limited Edition)"


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Release: April 2021
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Klack - Deklacked Vol. 1 (Limited Edition) CD

The collaboration between Razgrom Music and the U.S. New Beat/EBM project KLACK continues!

2020's «Catching Up With Klack» compilation became one of the label's most successful and bestselling releases, strengthening Klack's popularity in the underground Electro-Industrial-Techno community. With such a massive response to the band's music (both from fans and other musicians) KLACK decided to release their first remix album, «Deklaсked Vol.1». The impressive list of remixers includes Patrick Codenys of FRONT 242 (!!!), ASSEMBLAGE 23, IRIS, NEVADA HARDWARE, SEEMING, DAMASCUS KNIVES, NULL DEVICE, CAUSTIC and many others.

Moreover: just a few weeks ...
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1.Discipline (Patrick Codenys Jigsaw Mix)
2.Faith In Me (Assemblage 23 Mix)
3.With Precision (Sweat Boys Mix)
4.Rhythm Of The System (Nevada Hardware Mix)
5.Dmf (Physical Wash Edit)
6.Bark, Bite (Sølve Mix)
7.Faith In Me (Null Device Mix)
8.Lost Without You (Iris Andrew's Television Mix)
9.With Precision (Seeming Mix)
10.Rhythm Of The System (Damascus Knives Cut)
11.Discipline (Visceral Anatomy Mix)
12.Bark, Bite (Caustic All Bark Mix)
13.Do You Lecar (Live Simulation)