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Klaus Schulze

"Big in Japan [EU]"

3CD + DVD Video-Single

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Release: June 2022
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Klaus Schulze - Big in Japan [EU] 3CD + DVD Video-Single

Re-print of the special EU-Edition of this album, deleted since 2017! After one studio-album and two Live-DVDs and albums with Lisa Gerrard, Klaus Schulze thought it was time to give the world back the “pure” Klaus Schulze again. Recorded in Tokyo in march 2010, these were breathtaking concerts that combined Klaus’ tradition and vision: You will love the sequencer-sounds as well as the new components. And of course, the DVD gives you the perfect vision of these intense and atmospheric performances. “Big In Japan” had already been released in Japan as a box-set, limited to 500 copies. This European version is slightly different: The track “Sequencers Are Beautiful” (in the Japan-Edition only available on DVD) can be found here as the second track on the first CD. Along with a new stylish package, these historic moments are now available for every Klaus Schulze fan!
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1.The Crystal Returns [38:09]
2.Sequencers Are Beautiful [39:00]
3.La Joyeuse Apocalypse [46:41]
4.Nippon Benefit [14:16]
5.The Deductive Approach [12:12]
6.A Crystal Poem [34:12]
7.Sequencers Are Beautiful [43:39