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Klaus Schulze

"Dziekuje Poland Live 83"


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Release: 2017
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Klaus Schulze - Dziekuje Poland Live 83 2CD

Re-release of the Klaus Schulze album „Dziekuje Poland“ originally released in 2001. This favoured Schulze title has been enhanced with generous Bonus and detailed liner notes. „This collection is an absolute must for the serious collector and a good starting place for the novice – my highest recommendations for this album! (Synthetic Pleasure/USA, July 1984)
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1.Katowice 26:22
2.Warsaw 24:16
3.The Midas Hip Hop Touch 25:15
4.Lodz 20:59
5.Gdansk 15:45
6.Dziekuje 05:52
7.Dzien Debry! 35:58