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Klaus Schulze

"La Vie Electronique 10"


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Release: 2011
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Klaus Schulze - La Vie Electronique 10 3CD

'Unheilbar Deutsch' (tracks 1-8) was recorded during a concert in a German radio station in Cologne, in January 1985. 'Maxxi' is the only maxi single that Klaus Schulze ever did, recorded in 1985 on request from a record company, and 'for the discos'. Of course, soon afterwards it was deleted from the catalogue.

The tracks from 'Walk the Edge' are soundtrack recordings for the American violent crime movie 'Walking the Edge' and also 'Havlandet' is a soundtrack. It contains ten parts for the Norwegian movie 'Havlandet' - again 1985. CD3 starts with 'Goodwill', one track from a handful of poppy experiments that Klaus did in 1991 as a kind of research exercise on popular music.

Most of the results later ...
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1.Unheilbar Deutsch - Treudeutsch
2.Unheilbar Deutsch - Straight And Square
3.Unheilbar Deutsch - Der Unverbesserliche
4.Unheilbar Deutsch - Innerlichkeit?
5.Unheilbar Deutsch - Marsch (Es Regnet De
6.Unheilbar Deutsch - Eiseskälte
7.Unheilbar Deutsch - Runenzauber
8.Unheilbar Deutsch - Dem Klangschaft - Fü
10.Weiter, Weiter!
11.Walk The Edge - In Genteel Surroundings
12.Walk The Edge - While He Was Sleeping
13.Walk The Edge - We Saw It, It Was There
14.Walk The Edge - The Modern World
15.Walk The Edge - It Was Going To Matter
16.Walk The Edge - King Vulkan Himself
17.Havlandet - Main Theme
18.Havlandet - Erzählung
19.Havlandet - Nordenlicht
20.Havlandet - Winter- Sommer
21.Havlandet - Nordenlicht II
22.Havlandet - Dream Theme
23.Havlandet - Nordenlicht III
24.Havlandet - Sleigh Ride
25.Havlandet - Funeral
26.Havlandet - End Theme
27.Interview 1991
30.Habla Espanol
31.Gaudi, Gaudi
32.Suite Nr. 3, D-Dur, '2. Satz', Air