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Klaus Schulze

"La Vie Electronique 7"


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Klaus Schulze - La Vie Electronique 7 3CD

"Re: People I know" is the first of the two long pieces that Klaus played during his Düsseldorf concert on the 30th of September 1977. It's similar to the highly valued piece that KS played around the same time in Brussels' St. Michaels cathedral. "Avec Arthur": During the lengthy 1979 tour, Klaus played a long solo piece that filled the first half of the concerts as usual. After the intermission, the singer Arthur Brown joined him for the second piece. This is one of those energetic second halfs. Arthur could be, and was often, very high-spirited, very good, even excellent.

"Crazy Nietzsche" is loosely based ...
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1.Re: People I Know - Eddie
2.Re: People I Know - Stomu
3.Re: People I Know - Hartmut And Manuel
4.Re: People I Know - Michael S.
5.Re: People I Know - Arthur
6.Re: People I Know - Marian
7.Avec Arthur - Another Dark Sound
8.Avec Arthur - All Alone
9.Avec Arthur - Swifter Than Lightbeams
10.Avec Arthur - Yet Another Sound Part
11.Crazy Nietzsche - Der Freie Geist
12.Crazy Nietzsche - Die Geburt Der Tragödi
13.Crazy Nietzsche - Wir Antipoden
14.Crazy Nietzsche - Asketische Ideal
15.Crazy Nietzsche - Klage Der Ariane
16.Crazy Nietzsche - Ecce Homo
17.The Future - Things To Come
18.The Future - This Island Earth
19.The Future - Alphaville
20.The Future - Just Imagine
21.Interview 1979
24.Cleaning Event
25.Flux Past
26.Catch Wave
27.Endless Box
29.Tachistic Architecture
30.Die Erde Ist Rund