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Klaus Schulze

"La Vie Electronique 9"


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Release: 2011
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Klaus Schulze - La Vie Electronique 9 3CD

The three tracks on the first CD are a complete Schulze concert in Budapest, recorded in 1982 in a huge sports arena! With the studio track 'Verblüffe sie!' (Astonish them) CD2 contains a bizarre and astonishing piece of music with its heavy beginning and soft ending. It must have been recorded by Klaus around 1985, because it's from a PCM recording and Klaus used that recording tool only during the mid eighties.

'Seltsam Statisch' is most likely a studio recording from around 1985. The long steady beat is kind of hypnotic. CD3: 'National Radio Waves' was found on a PCM cassette with no further inscription except for the word: 'Interessant' (interesting), while 'The Midas Touch' is nothing but a very catchy rhythm, some sounds, and a voice (certainly not Klaus'), and again it's from the mid eighties. Both CD2 and CD3 also contain short excerpts from an interview of 1984.
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1.Ludwig Revisited - Crazy Ludwig
2.Ludwig Revisited - Watchful Ludwig
3.Ludwig Revisited - Marching Ludwig
4.Ludwig Revisited - Spooky Ludwig
5.Peg Leg Dance No. 1
6.Peg Leg Dance No. 2
7.Peg Leg Dance No. 3
8.Peg Leg Dance No. 4
9.Peg Leg Dance No. 5
10.Peg Leg Dance & Out
11.Die Spirituelle Kraft Des Augenbicks
12.Seltsam Statisch - Der Anachronistische
13.Seltsam Statisch - Diese Etüdenhafte Kat
14.Seltsam Statisch - Rationierte Ereignisr
15.Verblüffe Sie! Verblüffe Sie
16.Verblüffe Sie! Kaukasischer Keller
17.Verblüffe Sie! Artificial Life
18.Verblüffe Sie! Lune Malade
19.Interview 1984
20.National Radio Waves - Soundscapes
21.National Radio Waves - On The Wire
22.National Radio Waves - A Corny Concerto
23.National Radio Waves - The Late World No
24.National Radio Waves - One For The Jungl
25.National Radio Waves - Blue Moon
26.The Garden Of Earthy Delight
27.The Midas Touch - Land Beneath The Groun
28.The Midas Touch - Cave Of Ali Baba
29.Interview 1984