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"Hyëna (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2023-02-24
Status: New release in 24 days
KMFDM - Hyëna (Limited Edition) LP

KMFDM has forged its own singular path over the course of 38+ years, continuously refining and redefining the parameters of modern music, while also never missing the opportunity to address the social and political zeitgeist in brazen, belligerent, and boisterous fashion. HYËNA marks the 22nd studio album from the Ultra Heavy Beat, and what title could be more appropriate as the band laughs mockingly at the frayed and frantic state of world affairs.

Driven by the vicious and ...
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1.All 4 1
2.Rock 'n' Roll Monster
3.Black Hole
5.All Wrong - But Alright
7.Déjà Vu
8.Deluded Desperate Dangerous & Dumb
9.Immortally Yours
10.Liquor Fish & Cigarettes
11.In Dub We Trust