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"Salvation EP"


Release: 2015
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KMFDM - Salvation EP MCD

KMFDM presents SALVATION, an EP of reworked tracks from the recent OUR TIME WILL COME, in conjunction with this summer’s SALVATION tour. The uptempo, hook-laden title track is given the remix treatment from DOPE STARS INC. and Jimmy Urine from MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE, BLOOD VS.MONEY by KMFDM’s tourmate CHANT and Tom Stanzel, and BRAINWASHED remixedby The Kapt’n himself! The EP is limited and destined to be sold out fast!
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2.Blood Vs. Money (Chant Remix By Bradley Bills)
3.Salvation (Mindless Self Indulgence Remix By Jimmy Urine)
4.Brainwashed (Kmfdm Remix By Sascha Konietzko)
5.Salvation (Dope Stars Inc. Remix By Victor Love)
6.Blood Vs. Money (Tritoxin Remix By Tom Stanzel)