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"Kranial Klash"


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Release: 2014
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Kommando - Kranial Klash LP

kommando was dan courtman’s pre-thorofon project which released two cassette tapes and two cds during its initial existence. four years after the 'crimefactory' album kommando is re-established with the vinyl lp 'kranial klash' which marks a technological update as well as a mental one.

on this album the bygone decades' spirit of innovative aggressive, distorted sounds are updated to a high level of industrial art. the nine tracks offer a contemporary version of varied musical directions ranging from advanced power electronics and amorphic, grinding noise to precise, crisp sequences. repetitive electronic loops, rhythms and beats are highlighted with manipulated vocal insertions - the outcome is a rough, forcible and hypnotic aural document of kommando's state of mind.
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1.1 Corpses In Gasoline
2.2 Afron Plans
3.3 Metal Teeth
4.4 Liquid Sky
5.5 Saint's Heaven
6.6 Cutting In Flesh
7.7 Crocodile
8.8 Difron 32 Golden Dawn
9.9 Akute Bokhoror