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Kotze Im Einkaufswagen

"Wunderschön Und Unverfälscht"


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Release: 2016
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Kotze Im Einkaufswagen - Wunderschön Und Unverfälscht LP

rising from the lüneburg avangarde underground kotze im einkaufswagen combines dadaist text fragments, obscure guitar riffs, percussion / bass thrashing with influences from punk and noise, but also jazz and industrial to a disturbing blend. kotze im einkaufswagen polarizes opinions, accuses consumption, wakes people up, disturbs, but also breaks the own cliché of being musicians in a wonderful way. the true industrial-punks, who made their first appearance in the early nineties in the german town of lueneburg, as an irritant to the local rock music scene, targeting nothing less than the clichés of 'being a band in general', have reformed and resurfaced with a well-placed hit in the porcelain bowl after some decades of disguised wandering through the international music jungle. their prevailing motto 'today is thursday', dating back to their early days, has recently been adapted for the screen by kino ohne talent (k.o.t., cinema without talent) and the musical masterpiece which also goes by that title is one of the gems on their new vinyl long-player 'wunderschoen und unverfaelscht' (marvelous and genuine). with this release the musicians remain true to their cause, enabling mankind to enjoy sounds that have been described by connoisseurs of the first hour to be enjoyed in the same fashion as 'a kick in the nuts' (rock hard 1999). a disturbance on the edges of the hearing space, of media criticism and of societal discourse; with a lustful aim for the unwieldy, protest- and listening-habits are questioned - open the window and let the thrashing experimental clean the room, it's good for your hairstyle.
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