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"Giro D’Italia / Longer Format (Limited Edition)"


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Release: June 2023
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KRAFTman - Giro D’Italia / Longer Format (Limited Edition) CD

KRAFTMAN is here again and with full force! This musical project of Gary Hunter from Manchester (UK) has become one of the most successful and in-demand in the Razgrom Music roster in recent years and has attracted the attention of many fans of analog electronic sound, retro-synth-pop and vintage machine-pop. KRAFTMAN takes its listeners to the nostalgic atmosphere of the "golden 80s", when "everything was just in beginning" and electronic music was futuristic, melodic, naive and very honest, at the same time.

KRAFTMAN had a tradition of recording a remix-album "based on" the previous one, and Gary continues to follow this concept even now. "Giro D'Italia / Longer Format" is a new reimagining of last year's hit album "Giro D'Italia". All tracks are presented here in special and extended versions, and this release may well follow the success of the previous remix-album "Electrique Fabrique 12" Inch Mixes", which was almost completely sold out in very short time!

Highly recommended for all fans of such music-projects like METROLAND, 808 DOT POP, REAKTON, DEUTSCHE BANK, DATAPOP, MASCHINE BRENNT, KOSMONAUTE, SECTOR ONE and, of course, the great KRAFTWERK!
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1.On The Way To Victory (Final Sprint)
2.Riding Through The Alps (Enjoying The View)
3.Ritmo Della Pioggia (Clear Skies)
4.Passo Dello Stelvio (Stamina)
5.Giro 22 (Budapest To Verona)
6.The Pelaton (Formation)
7.La Gazzetta Dello Sport (Special Edition)
8.King Of The Mountains (Endurance)
9.La Maglia Rosa (Large)
10.Luigi Ganna (Leggende)