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"Kreign II"


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Release: December 2020
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Kreign - Kreign II 2CD

"KREIGN is an American Electronic Body Music project formed in 2010 by Ryan Hutman and Xiån Austin as a tribute to old-school EBM.Their music delivers a gnarly soundscape of hard basslines,phat beats, and aggressive vocals certain to drill through skulls and devastate dance floors around the world."
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1.Shit Storm
2.Disco King
3.Lost Purpose
4.5 Layers Of Chaos
5.Live Fast
6.Dismembered Quietly
7.In That Frame Of Mind
8.Building You Back (Feat. The Strand)
9.Face Melt (Feat. The Strand)
10.Add It Up
11.Disco King Phukkin' With The Fluxxuationz - Kreign
12.Building You Back - Nzrmx
13.Face Melt - Remixed By Elm
14.Shit Storm - Reaching For Shadows Mix
15.Disco King (Feat. Jürgen Engler)
16.Live Fast - Remixed By Autodafeh
17.Disco King - Spankthenun Get Off Mix
18.Live Fast - Relativity Mix By Nova State Machine
19.5 Layers Of Chaos - Die Krupps Remix By Jürgen Engler