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Kriistal Ann

"Touching On The Raw"


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Release: 2018
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Kriistal Ann - Touching On The Raw CD

After several years of collecting ideas and inspiration, Kriistal Ann – one half of the Greek darkwave duo Paradox Obscur – has returned with her forth full-length solo album "Touched on the Raw", which is an allusion to Achilles’ heel – one’s sensitive point. Ann’s uniquely charismatic vocals guide us through nine mesmerising songs (not without her usual references to Greek mythology and world literature), her synthesizer tunes – this time also accom- panied by a saxophone – take the listener on another surreal journey, almost like a dream, albeit in a slightly different way than we have known before. As every musician evolves with time, Kriistal Ann who has a classic music education, has left behind any genre limitations and welded her own characteristic sound with elements from minimal wave, classic music and (dark) ambient.

"Touched on the Raw" is definitely an album that stands out in its field, that discovers and explores new boundaries and therefore can only be referred to as “avant-garde”.

- André Savetier –
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Label:Wave Records
1.1 Lost In Frame
2.2 Silver Rain
3.3 Black Art
4.4 Talking To The Beast
5.5 Solemn Disguise
6.6 A Hundred Miles
7.7 Going Back
8.8 Touched On The Raw
9.9 Secret Shore
10.Black Art (Black & White Remix By Marcelo Gallo)
11.Talking To The Beast (Soundscapes Remix By Marcelo Gallo)