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Krystal System



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Release: 2008
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Krystal System - Underground CD

Paris based act Krystal System could not have chosen a better title for their debut album! Their revolting music is led by a subconscious attraction towards darkness and mysticism profiling the French duo as a band knowing no limits, no taboo, no compromise... Their debut album reveals an extremely diversified panel of heavy electronics, catchy filtered female vocals, dynamic guitar riffs, melodic synth sequences with an overall indie rock feel. Bonnie (female vox, guitars) and N°7 (male vox, synths & machines)'s alchemy results in an eclectic combination of music genres ranging from dark elektro, cold wave, industrial rock and metal. Open your mind, try to imagine the impossible and you will begin to understand what this French band is all about: take Lush's sensual indie pop tone, a touch of Birthday Massacre's goth metal femininity, inject a dose of Rammstein's heavy guitar riffs and straight attitude. Pour all these influences into a mélange of dark elektro sequences and upbeat electro beats, along with Bonnie's provocative vocals in French and English, and you are ready to embark on Krystal System's musical journey. 13 powerful dark underground electro tunes with an arsenal of outstanding highlights such as the viral "New World", the sexy "I Love My Chains" , the vicious "Krystal Song" and the ultimate French dark pop pearl "Demain n'existe pas". Krystal System belongs to the new futuristic gang of talented artists who certainly make it difficult for journalists to put a specific label on their music. Calling it, "electro metal, industrial rock, cold pop or dark elektro with an indie feel"...does not do it justice.
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3.I Love My Chains
5.New World
6.The Day I Died
9.Demain N'existe Pas
11.Something You Hate
13.Krystal Song