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La Luna Sotto Il Ponte

"L`Alchimia dell Svanimento (1983-1988)"


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Release: January 2020
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La Luna Sotto Il Ponte - L`Alchimia dell Svanimento (1983-1988) 2LP + MLP

Swiss label Infoline showcases never heard compositions of Marco Repetto (former Grauzone) in the shame of a double 12”’ compilation and a never used alias of Marco Repetto (R.EPEE). The compilation features tracks written between 1983 – 1989. Some years after his break up with Grauzone (1981), Marco went on a darker and more industrial path, which was a common route for experimental composers at that time. Expect a solid mixture of unreleased Industrial/EBM cuts. The bonus EP replaces ‘La Luna Sotto Il Ponte’s grim and dark compositions for a much more utopian mind-set and movement in its heyday. It’s 1988/1989 – Acid House is everywhere…
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1.A1 Celeste Sensibile
2.A2 Futurismo Luminescente
3.B1 Selvatico
4.B2 Teoria Della Metá
5.B3 Baco Elettrico
6.C1 Leggere Nell’Animo
7.C2 Allosauro
8.D1 Strada Feller
9.D2 Canale Dei Misteri
10.D3 Tra Due Onde
11.D4 Viaggiare A Vuoto
12.D5 Opera Abbuiata
13.A1 E-Bear (R.epee / Grauzone)
14.B1 Eleventh Movement (R.epee)