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La Mécanique

"L’oubli des Origines"


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Release: 2021
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La Mécanique - L’oubli des Origines CD

Formed in 2016 by Francis Nothingwater, La Mécanique is a Coldwave / Post-Punk band which found its origins in the humid depths of Montreal's, Canada, cold dark alleys. Their sound relies mainly on powerful and heavy synth vibes, reminiscent of the early 80's Goth Rock genre. Nothingwater briefly toured with his band in Europe in 2017, and then went on to collaborate with several Montreal based vocalists. Over the past 2 years, La Mécanique has kept active in the local underground music scene, all the while releasing a couple of EPs and singles. Their latest 12 track album «Dernier Voyage» was released on Cold Transmission in May 2019, mastered by Pete Burns of Kill Shelter Studio. On this all new album - inspired by a long solitary venture - Francis orchestrated for himself through the purchase of an old derelict sailboat he used to sail the Pacific waters after hitch- hiking his way across Canada, he drags us along with him into a sombre universe filled with obscure imagery and lonely cathartic travels. With its blend of reassuring melodious soundwaves and deeply melancholic vocals, this album by La Mécanique won't leave you unscathed. "As close to sultry and magnetic noir-ish neon-lite allure, as to romantic and nostalgic misty cinematic landscapes, he is going to drop his long-waited sophomore album "L'oubli des Origines". Produced by Pedro Code / IAMTHESHADOW
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Label:Cold Transmission
3.Au Sud De Victoria
6.Mise À Jour
8.L’Oubli Des Origines
11.Sous Astéroïdes
12.Visages (Feat. Cecilia/echoberyl)