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La Scaltra

"The third Eye"


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Release: June 2019
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La Scaltra - The third Eye CD

The whisper of spirits mingles with the singing of witches who reveal their self in the dark-graceful dance. Sadness, pain, longing become hope, waiting with a smug smile for the lost ones. And LA SCALTRA is the gateway there.

LA SCALTRA are on their journey - unadorned text passages meet lovely melodies and enchanting voices, Aeleth and Dae sing about pain, life, love, sometimes Dae's delicate voice suggests a sense of security, then the deep voice of Aeleth meets the heart. The hexal recipe of LA SCALTRA: Take cinematic and musical inspirations from several epochs to your own demons and the undestroyable belief in cosmic energies and the magic of nature and craft the Gloomy Witch Wave - gloomydanceable and thoughtful Gothic Rock with sinister guitars and Wave elements - that's how it sounds when witches make music in the 21st century.
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Label:Solar Lodge
1.The Incarnation Of Karma
2.The Spell
3.So Fine
5.The Sentinel’S Lot
6.Love In One Hearse
7.Good Sinner
8.Rhythm Of Our Dead Hearts
9.Church Of B.
12.Imago Diaboli